The 9th meeting of INTOSAI WG on KNI was held in Armenia
The 9th meeting of the Key National Indicators (KNI) Working Group (WG) of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) was held in the Armenian resort town of Tsaghkadzor.
On the launching of the Meeting the Chairman of the Control Chamber (CoC) Ishkhan Zakaryan made a welcoming speech.“Presently, when a lot of difficult problems have arisen before global, regional and national economies, this Working Group’s role increases even more, as the results of the audits can be used also for developing and implementing the strategic projects which are paramount for the country. I am sure, all think today what steps should be made in order that due to an efficient control, tomorrow would be better than today, so that the life would improve, so that our countries would become economically more powerful, stabler and more attractive. For instance, what can be done so that quality education and healthcare could be available to all, et cetera. For that purpose, the Supreme Audit Institutions should discover the problems present in all areas, indicate the solutions thereto and establish the success achieved.
The system of audit of Key National Indicators enables the SAIs to perform strategically important audits through which the implementation rate of strategic projects can be determined.
The Control Chamber of the Republic of Armenia will strive to increase the role and significance of the KNI”.
In the course of the Meeting the auditor of the Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation (the Secretary of the WG) Tatyana Manuylova summarized tho works done in 2015-2016 and expressed gratitude to the Members of the WG for the efforts made.
According to the speakers the main idea of KNI is getting aware of the problems at the early stage. The issues arisen in the course of management of public property and resources should be looked for in the causal nexuses at the strategic level. Consequently the SAIs should be empowered and enabled to control the process of strategic planning and management. The speaking experts emphasized the importance of widening the circle of functions of the SAIs in their speeches. In the context of current drafting stage of the Law on the Chamber of Audit of the Republic of Armenia the opinions expressed at the Meeting grow important uncovering the big differences in the powers of the CoC and other WG Member states’ SAIs.
After the Meeting Mr. Zakaryan had bilateral meetings with his colleagues representing Russia, USA, China, Italy and Brazil, discussed the results of the works done and the execution of the new projects. Mr. Zakaryan has received invitations from the colleagues to visit the above-mentioned countries in order to continue the discussions of mutual concerns.
The 10th Meeting of INTOSAI WG on KNI will be held in Brazil in 2017.
On the 28th of April the participants of the Meeting will visit the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex.
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