The 9th Meeting of the Working Group (WG) on Key National Indicators (KNI) of INTOSAI (the most authoritative international organization of Supreme Audit Institutioins (SAI)) will take place in Armenia
On 26-29 of April, 2016, the 9th Meeting of INTOSAI WG on KNI will take place in Tsaghkadzor in which 40 delegates from 14 countries will participate. A professional event of such a high level will be held in Armenia for the first time.
The WG consists of 22 Member states: Armenia, Russia, the USA, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Ukraine, Moldova, Brazil, Zambia, SAR, Indonesia, Morocco, and other 2: Belarus and Kyrgyzstan as Observers.
INTOSAI WG on KNI was established in 2007. The works of the WG are intended to improve the efficient management systems of national resources. Formation of the system of the KNI is an important factor of ensuring sustainable and safe development for each country.
The role of the WG is support in developing such indicators and the improvement of the audit system that ensures such indicators.
The KNI audit system enables the SAIs to carry out audits of strategic nature, whereby it becomes possible to find out the level of fulfilling the states’ strategic objectives. The results of such audits can be used in developing and realizing strategic projects which are important for the countries as well.
Currently about 20 countries have a clear system of KNI, such as the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Switzerland, Norway and Japan.
The audit of KNI can be essentially useful for the Armenian Government, especially in program budgeting. It also has a preventive importance.
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