Levon Yolyan
He was born on September 16, 1959 in Yerevan.
In 1980 graduated from the Yerevan Institute of National Economy with honors diploma.
1980-1982, served in the Soviet Army.
He passed his distance postgraduate course in the Yerevan Institute of National Economy.
He worked in Sovetashen Knitting Factory as an economist.
1982-1984, Instructor of Armenia Central Committee of Komsomol.
1984-1986, First Secretary of Abovyan Regional Committee of Komsomol, 1985, elected as MP of Abovyan Regional Council.
1986-1990, Secretary of Armenia Central Committee of Komsomol
1990-1993, Secretary of Yerevan State University Komsomol Committee.
1986-1992, member of Collegium of Ministry of Education and Collegium of Higher Education and Science Ministry.
1990-1992, member of the All-Union LCYU Bureau
1996-2000, board member of the Council of Trade Unions of Armenia (NCCA)
1993-1998, Head of the "LLG" CJCS
1998-2000, Deputy Head of the RA State Health Agency
2000-2007, Deputy Minister of Health
2007– 2016, Deputy Chairman of the RA Control Chamber
February 29 - September 20, 2016, Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia
On February 28, 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the RA Control Chamber for a six-year term.
In 2008 was awarded the 2nd Degree Order “For Service to Fatherland”.
From 2004 until now is the Deputy Chairman of the Armenia Chess Federation. He has the title of chess master of sports of international class.
He is non-partisan.
He is married, has three daughters and four grandchildren.
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