Since its creation, the Chamber of Control cooperates with the similar foreign bodies and organizations, it is authorized to conclude cooperation agreements with them, to send its staff to work in the international control bodies.

Relations with the international and regional organisations (INTOSAI, EUROSAI, ASOSAI), consolidating the supreme institutions of financial control

INTOSAI is the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions with around 180 members. The purpose is to develop and apply common activity principals, strategies, methods and standards. The RA Control Chamber is the member of this organisation since 1998.
The CoC participated in the assemblies organized at a three-year interval. The last assembly took place in Mexico City in November 2007. The CoC specialists also take part in the trainings organized by the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), some of them received international qualification and a right to teach. Since 2007, the CoC has been the member of the organization's Working Group on Environmental Auditing. The organisation constantly updates the information about member countries control chambers with the means of questionnaires, articles, analytical materials.

EUROSAI – Since 2000, the RA CoC is the member of EUROSAI organisation, which aims to ensure cooperation at a regional level. The RA CoC is the member of the EUROSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing.

ASOSAI – The RA CoC has recently become (in September 2007) the member of this Organisation, which consolidates the Supreme Audit Institutions of Asian region. The organisation considers training programs, exchange of experience and personnel retraining as an important part of its activity.
It has been the third year in succession that the RA CoC specialists take part in the conference within the organisation organized and sponsored by the Board of Audit of Japan.

In 2006-07, the CoC employees had the opportunity to attend the trainings held in Delhi within the program of Indian International Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC). These programs have regular nature and are sponsored by the organizers.

Relations with the audit institutions of the CIS member countries

The relations with the audit institutions of CIS member countries are maintained within the Council of the Heads of the Supreme Institutions of financial control of the CIS member countries, a member of which the RA CoC has been since 2000, as well as by the means of two-sided interactions. The RA CoC entered into cooperation agreements with the Accounts Chambers of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarusian Republic. Joint audits are performed with the RF Accounts Chamber, which, as agreed, will be held on a regular basis in the future. The typical side of these relations is the frequent meetings and mutual visits of the heads of the control chambers.

Relations with the representations of the international organizations operating in the Republic of Armenia

German Technical Cooperation Organisation (GTZ) assists the RA Control Chamber in the directions of personnel retraining, quality improvement of the informational system, ensuring of publicity, as well as technical support. There is a “Support for the RA Control Chamber” project within the organisation, the activity directions of which are being defined by the records signed between the representative of the organization and the RA CoC. As a result of the arrangements, in 2006-07 the specialist of the RA CoC got acquainted with the activity of the control institutions in Bavaria and Hessen regions, having direct participation in their works. A consensus have been reached with regard to the retraining of the CoC specialists on the new types of audit assigned to the CoC.
In the scope of the World Bank's “Public sector modernization” credit project the tender winning DPK and “Ameria” Consulting companies are contracted to develop the sphere localized standards of the external state control, ethics rules for the CoC personnel activity, audit manuals compliant with the INTOSAI standards, the strategy for the staff short-term training and long-term thorough study program.
Sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) the Mobilizing Action Against Corruption (MAAC) Activity is being implemented, in the scope of which the tender winning company “Casals and Associates” undertook the implementation of the program's special component “Support for the Control Chamber” project. The company performed needs assessment in the Control Chamber, entered into an arrangement with the Academy for Educational Development (AED) to perform staff training and organization of international seminars with the help of the Academy’s specialists.
An arrangement was reached with the Asian Development Bank to choose as a support direction the provision of international consultation on external audit and methodology. At this state the delegation’s visit to the RA was oriented at getting acquainted and finding the common needs, thus it is necessary to undertake steps towards clarifying and providing more practical nature to the cooperation.
Participation in the international seminars

On April 9-11, 2008, the delegation of the RA Control Chamber, with the participation of L. Gevorgyan – the RA CoC Council member and K. Arustamyan – the Head of Methodology and Analysis Department of the RA CoC staff, took part in the EUROSAI seminar on the topic “Supreme Audit Institution Management” held in Berlin, at which SAI delegations from 35 European countries were present. During the seminar the issues of discussion were the CoC different organizational models, planning, management, modern tools, as wells being able to promptly respond to the changes.
Different opinions were expressed by the rapporteurs, especially about the SAI organizational structural types. In the seminar the distinctive features of the SAI collegial and single management principals were discussed, it was talked about the sphere modes of organizational structures in terms of audit types and matrix. The prevailing opinion was that each approach should correspond to the peculiarities, management system, legislative field of a country.
During the discussion, the delegation of Armenia raised the issue of the control by audit institutions over the activity of central banks. In this connection, a broad discussion ensued which resulted in a general initial arrangement to include this topic in the agenda of the next EUROSAI meeting.
The issues of experience exchange, learning, as well as the possible cooperation between control chambers did not escape the overall attention. In particular, the Chief Auditor of the Latvian State Audit Office reassured previously obtained willingness to visit Armenia with the purpose of meeting the Chairman of the RA Control Chamber and discussing the issues of possible further cooperation.
A similar interest was expressed by the representative of the Canadian SAI with whom a preliminary arrangement was also reached on establishing close cooperation between the two institutions.
By the way, the materials discussed and reported during the seminar have now been translated into Armenian with the purpose of deciding on advisability of using some items and approaches in Armenia in the future and studying them more deeply by the concerned departments.
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