Artavazd Nersisyan
He was born in 1962, in Yerevan.
He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute after K. Marx. Artavazd Nersisyan is an engineer, power engineering specialist.
He started his career in “Hayaviahamalir” (Armaviacomplex) Production Complex as an engineer, then was elected as the Secretary of the Young Communists Committee of the same Complex and worked at the Spandaryan District Committee of the Young Communists of Armenia.
Then He worked in “Armimpexbank” as a department head, at the Yerevan gold factory as a deputy director, in the Sport Committee of the RA as a department head.
From 2008 he works in the RA CoC as the Counsellor to the Chairman of CoC, then as the Deputy Head of the Third Department. He was the Head of the Fourth Department in 2009. He was appointed as chief of staff at CoC in 2013.
Mr. Nersisyan is a Candidate of Technical Sciences.
He is married.
Hobby –travelling, hunting.
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